Employee Voice Creates a Speak Up Culture

Bold people leaders are experiencing how Employee Voice creates a Speak Up culture that engages every employee in navigating the best path forward

Learn how activating Employee Voice creates a Speak Up culture in this is first white paper of our Voices at Work trilogy. Organizational leaders are quickly creating this Speak Up culture where all employees feel empowered, safe and eager to share their wisdom and expertise. These leaders are launching an Employee Voice platform to engage every level of the organization to co-define and engage in the work that matters. In this way, they are generating the alignment, shared ownership and trust that drives fast action and change. This white paper focuses on organizations using Employee Voice to create a Speak Up culture by engaging every individual in a transparent, authentic dialogue at scale.

In this white paper, we illustrate how organizations are:

  • Breaking through the barriers to speaking up
  • Cracking into their peoples’ collective intelligence
  • Launching a virtuous cycle of inquiry and action

We share how Employee Voice is creating a Speak Up culture at Texas Children’s Hospital, Gilead Sciences and one of the world’s largest aerospace companies. These organizations are inviting every employee to engage in the conversations that matter, and creating a culture of wellbeing and belonging. This refines everyone’s ability – from frontline employee to senior executive – to share and receive meaningful guidance. When employees experience this new way of working, they can let go of the fear and futility that otherwise breeds silence and disengagement. In this way, these organizations also building their collective muscles for perpetual agility and innovation.

We invite you to register to download this white paper now. You will learn how people leaders across industries are activating Employee Voice to create and sustain this Speak Up culture. This shift from traditional employee engagement is transforming organizations to thrive in today’s new world of work.

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Employee Voice Creates a Speak Up Culture

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