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How to Activate Employee Voice to Empower Managers and Teams

When leaders empower managers and teams, they increase engagement.

In fact, UCHealth and Parsons data shows this. For example, their engagement increases when managers and teams define priorities together. Also, they define action steps together. In this way, they co-navigate the path ahead.

They do this with an Employee Voice cycle. This cycle includes three phases:

  1. Pulse. First, ask teams open-ended questions to pinpoint priorities
  2. Insights Review. Then, conduct manager/team conversations to review pulse results and co-define next steps
  3. Check-In Pulse. Then, reinforce alignment, shared ownership and progress

Then, as managers and teams continue this cycle, they gain momentum. Also, they become models for the rest of their organization. Learn how UCHealth and Parsons are building these “pockets of excellence.”

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