Employee Voice Drives High Reliability in Healthcare

Healthcare leaders activate Employee Voice to drive high reliability by engaging and empowering their people to do their best work

In this white paper, learn how healthcare leaders are activating Employee Voice to drive high reliability. Employee Voice is the collective intelligence leaders gain when they ask employees for their best insights, listen to these and then act on what they learn. High reliability is the persistent mindfulness towards providing excellent patient care. When healthcare leaders invite their people to the conversations that matter, they also engage and empower them to do the work that matters. 

For example, healthcare leaders are asking their people for their insights on how to address:

  • Caregiver burnout
  • Talent attrition
  • Patient dissatisfaction
  • Safety hazards

In this white paper, gain the latest trends in healthcare employee engagement and wellbeing, and academic and industry research. Learn how activating Employee Voice engages and empowers employees to share their most pressing challenges to delivering excellent patient care. Also, activating Employee Voice applies their frontline expertise to addressing these challenges.

Learn how UCHealth and the North Texas VA are activating Employee Voice to drive high reliability by:

  • Tapping Frontline Workers to Power Agility
  • Generating Trust
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Informing Authentic Dialogue
  • Advancing New Leadership Skills

In this white paper, we illustrate how their leaders are tapping into their organization’s collective intelligence. For example, North Texas VA is gaining the best process improvement ideas straight from their frontlines. UCHealth is seeking employee input on strategic decisions, such as the important qualities and skills needed when hiring their new CEO.

Read our white paper now and learn how activating Employee Voice drives high reliability. Learn how organizations like North Texas VA and UCHealth are creating a virtuous cycle of engaging and empowering every employee to deliver excellent patient care today.

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Employee Voice Drives High Reliability in Healthcare

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