Elevate Employee Voice to Create a Culture Shift

Learn how HEINEKEN, 3M, Freddie Mac and PepsiCo leaders are doing this right now

When leaders elevate Employee Voice, they shift culture immediately. Today more than ever, leaders are trying to reinforce a culture that will guide their organization forward. Learn how leaders at HEINEKEN, 3M and PepsiCo are activating and reinforcing this culture by tapping into Employee Voice.

Elevating Employee Voice is helping:

  • Heineken find and fuel their “superpower”
  • 3M notably “start to do things differently” 
  • Freddie Mac “cut to the chase and hear directly from the voices that matter”
  • PepsiCo “focus and get things done fast”

HEINEKEN elevated Employee Voice by inviting their employees to co-design their Diversity and Inclusion program. As a result, they launched a Diversity Council and change plan within 91 days. 3M embedded accountability directly into their “Powered by Inclusion” value when it integrated Employee Voice. Similarly, Freddie Mac elevated Employee Voice to empower everyone to have a voice in shaping the organization’s future. Also, PepsiCo tapped into Employee Voice to create their “process shredder” by asking every employee to “Name one process that stops you from getting things done fast.”

Learn how these organizations are building the collective buy-in and accountability to trigger a culture transformation. Hear how this is generating a profound sense of meaning and momentum at scale. This whitepaper also outlines how these organizations are building trust through safe transparency. In this way, they are leading with their collective compass. And this is how they are demonstrating Josh Bersin’s definition of Employee Voice as “Engagement Grown Up.” 

Download this whitepaper to gain a roadmap for elevating Employee Voice to guide a culture transformation and create a clear path through today’s new work reality.

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Elevate Employee Voice to Create a Culture Shift

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