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Waggl Webinars

May 30
Dr. Anton Franckeiss

How Transparency and Inclusion Help You Produce Profit

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Transparency and inclusion are the foundations for unlocking discretionary effort in your employees. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • human centered approaches to authentic employee voice
  • the top mistakes companies make that sacrifice a culture of transparency and inclusion
  • practical application and business impacts from those who have harnessed employee voice to create transparent and inclusive cultures

Join the authors of our recent white paper, “The Simple Secret Behind Improving Engagement,” as they provide the logic you need to help your leadership team see the value in transparency and inclusion. 

Profitability and shareholder returns depend on high-performing, resilient organizations. In order to have a high-performance culture, organizations need to effectively unlock discretionary effort in their employee base. Creating an environment of contribution that goes beyond the job description is only possible with a foundation of transparency and inclusion.

While there will always be organizations that struggle to survive in an environment of digital disruption, those that can effectively leverage collective insight from within their organizations will be the ones that survive and thrive.

Improve your engagement strategy by including Employee Voice. We’ll partner with you every step of the way.

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