Listen Better, Hear More

Listening is a vital tool for navigating complexity and for providing insights that enable us to discover and better connect with others.

Many things – environmental and societal factors, our own biases and assumptions, our own busyness – can get in the way of truly listening. We can do better. We can hear more amidst the noise. But to what should we be listening?

The reality is that people crave stories that reflect the complexity of their lives. And in order to hear stories, we have to ask for them. Asking for, listening to, and making sense of stories requires intent and strategy.

Our communities and workplaces will thrive only when people respect and trust each other. This connectivity can be accomplished by listening to each other’s stories.

In this 30-minute webinar, Thaler will unpack:

  • How stories can be used to build connection
  • What happens when storytelling becomes ingrained in an organization’s culture
  • Why storytelling often succeeds where no other communication can

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