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March 28
Thomas Crane

True Coaching Cultures’ Secret: Leaders Are Coachable

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Progressive organizations have been pursuing the idea of developing coaching cultures for a decade. These organizations know that all employees can benefit from coaching. However, the task of creating such a culture is still illusive to many.

Most organizations embrace the professional coaching genre, yet it is difficult to scale and isn’t sufficient to inspire real performance passion. Enter, Collegial Coaching, which encourages feedback and coaching to flow up, down, and sideways.

In this webinar, Thomas Crane, international consultant and leadership thought-leader, will describe the essential feedback-based coaching practice. This practice aligns the intent of creating a coaching culture with the leadership practices that either block or enable this desirable outcome.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • What true coachability means and how to use it to build trust
  • Why leaders must demonstrate coaching and coachability
  • What clients say about how Collegial Coaching & Coachability have made things better

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