Sachin Jain and Josh Bersin talk about how PepsiCo used Waggl to crowdsource agility and simplify work

Simplify work, engage with purpose.

PepsiCo became agile by acting agile. How did they do it? They asked 267K employees worldwide “Name one process that stops you from getting things done fast.”

This ‘Process Shredder’ question got “wild traction with fantastic answers” and within 2 weeks the CHRO created global and local task forces, outlined next steps and a timeline toward action.

Join Sachin Jain and Josh Bersin as they discuss how PepsiCo ignited the collective intelligence of its people and cut through bureaucracy with a Process Shredder pulse to simplify work.

We’ll discuss:

  • Activating Employee Voice toward common goals
  • Enabling engagement for productivity
  • Focusing on the shared employee experience
  • Transforming culture to think, act and be more agile

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