Communicate and Listen with Empathy to Build Resilience

When Leaders Communicate and Listen with Empathy, they Build Resilience and Well-being

Learn how Cheyenne Regional leaders communicate and listen with empathy to build the collective strength to move forward through the pandemic. 

Peggie Kresl-Hotz shares how Cheyenne Regional is launching Waggl’s Employee Voice platform to: 

  • Hear specific ways to support workers’ mental health
  • Gain input on how non-clinical workers can contribute in meaningful ways
  • Act on employee responses to build employee trust and connection

Listen to this conversation to learn how their leaders communicate and listen with empathy to support their workers through the unprecedented challenges of our pandemic. Across health care systems today, workers are struggling with mental health challenges through burnout. Learn how the simple act of reaching out, and inviting workers to share what really matters, is creating a profound sense of connection to move forward together.


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