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June 28
Chris Yeh and Adam Tanner

The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age

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Presenter: Chris Yeh

Co-presenter: Adam Tanner

Introducing a new, realistic loyalty pact between employer and employee

Managers today in the networked age are facing a dilemma. You can’t afford to offer lifetime employment. But you can’t build a lasting, innovative business when everyone acts like a free agent. Models built for long-term employment no longer work in modern workplaces that are defined by continuous change.

“The Alliance” offers a solution. Stop thinking of employees as family or free agent, and instead think of them as allies in a tour of duty.

  • Rebuild lost trust with straight talk that recognizes realities of the modern economy.
  • Create realistic and mutually beneficial employer/employee relationships
  • Put trust at the heart of your management strategy

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