Lessons from ‘Influence Without Authority’

Get what you need to achieve your objectives and produce results.

The ability to influence those not under your authority is becoming ever more valuable. Organizations are flattening, and outside contractors are taking on larger roles than ever before—getting results now means lateral cooperation, often across borders, time zones, organizations, and more. Allan Cohen’s newest book, Influence Without Authority, provides a proven model for success in this new environment, with expert guidance for real-world application.

This webinar will offer tips from Influence Without Authority to effectively communicate with your team whether they are virtual or in the office with you. These tips will help you:

  • Improve trust throughout the workforce despite geographical separation
  • Cultivate connection that improves morale and efficiency
  • Build a skill inventory for your team members and boost professional development

Allan Cohen is a consultant on organizational change and leadership. He helped found the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad. He has also lived and worked in the Philippines, England, and Holland and has consulted in China, Brazil, Venezuela, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Singapore, and Dubai.

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