Voice of the Workplace

Waggl’s Cutting Edge Research

The Voice of the Workplace is a quarterly research study that invites a global audience of HR and business professionals to contribute insight from the progressive minds that make up the front lines of business.

On topics spanning diversity, talent, upcoming trends, areas of business change, Waggl invites the authentic voice from millions of people worldwide to join in the discussion. Thanks to Waggl’s proprietary crowdsourcing method, these ideas are ranked by the group to bring the best insight to the top.

Join us in this quarter’s Voice of the Workplace.

Voice of the Workplace Infographics

People and Talent Plans for 2017

Where are HR leaders focusing their people and talent budget in 2017? Find out.

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2016 Predictions for Human Capital

What are the top trends industry leaders expect in 2016?

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Cutting Edge Interview Questions

Is an insightful interview question more important than a resume? Find out what HR leaders think.

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Handling Negative Feedback

Handling feedback is essential for organizations to thrive. Here's what HR leaders say about making it constructive.

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