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Re-Igniting Engagement
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Transforming the Healthcare Employee Experience

How UCHealth Revamped Its Employee Engagement Program

In this on-demand webinar, learn how UCHealth:

  • Implemented a survey process that doesn’t just measure engagement, but is itself part of the engagement strategy
  • Made survey results more actionable
  • Enabled leaders to have authentic conversations based on results
  • Initiated dialogue with hard-to-reach night shift employees
  • Improved employee engagement —and increased patient satisfaction
Matt Gosney
Vice President Organizational Development, UCHealth
Matt Gosney, Vice President Organizational Development, UCHealth, believes that patient’s experiences will rarely exceed that of a hospital’s employees. So he began a transformation of UCHealth’s employee engagement program. A stilted survey process turned into authentic conversations between management and staff, bringing the award-winning academic healthcare system above global benchmarks for engagement within months—and correlated to improved patient satisfaction.