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Driving Engagement Through Employee Voice

Employee Voice is a cycle that develops trust, alignment, and collective accountability in driving organizational success

The Employee Voice Model

UCHealth revamped their Employee Voice process to improve engagement and build trust within the organization. This model, grounded in the values of Transparency, Immediacy, Accountability, and Alignment, can significantly transform organizational culture and re-cast engagement as a powerful lever for action.

Within just one quarter UCHealth saw engagement scores significantly improve throughout the organization. Rapid and consistent improvement continues as leaders and employees engage in authentic, transparent dialogue focused on creating a place where everyone can thrive.


UCHealth’s Employee Voice Program

UCHealth utilizes the Employee Voice Program, powered by Waggl, to keep a real-time pulse point on their organization and radically transform the employee experience within their facilities.

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Learn more from Dallis Howard-Crow, Chief Human Resources Officer at UCHealth

“Over 50% of every dollar we spend is on people. That makes people our most valuable asset.”

Learn from Dallis

Learn more from Joel Yuhas, CEO and President of UCHealth Memorial and UCHealth Southern Colorado

“I believe that not only have our employee metrics improved since we’ve rolled out the new employee voice platform, but we’ve also seen an improvement in our patient experience metrics as well, I believe they’re entirely tied together.”

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Learn more from Matt Gosney, Vice President of Organizational Development and Learning Services at UCHealth

“Most leaders want to make a difference, they want to lead their teams and give them the tools and resources they need. What they’ve traditionally lacked is the data.”

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Learn more from Mark Mayes, RN, Director of Emergency Services and Critical Care at UCHealth Memorial

“This notion of an open door policy is very common, but I think it’s more than just opening your door, it’s opening your access to staff members.”

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Learn more from Karen Burke, HR Business Partner, UCHealth Northern Colorado Region

“My management style is very much a servant leader. I think my role as a leader is to set the direction and then get the barriers out of the way”

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Learn more from Patrick Kneeland, MD, Executive Medical Director for Patient and Provider Experience at UCHealth

“Ultimately if the goal is to provide top-notch care to patients, which is why everyone of my colleagues shows up to work, if the system is not supporting that, or if our culture is not supporting that, it’s a travesty.”

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Every healthcare worker has a voice to make the workplace better.

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