Waggl for Talent

Attracting, supporting and inspiring talent is one of the most critical aspects of any organization. Waggl facilitates robust talent engagement and leadership development by creating continuous touch points, relevant connections and meaningful feedback mechanisms.

  • Build strong engagement from Day One with on-boarding and training support
  • Boost efficacy of L&D programs through interactive feedback and participation
  • Use real-time input to define L&D curriculum and programs
  • Provide real-time, actionable performance feedback to managers and leaders

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Build a first-class talent engagement experience

Connect with individuals, teams and leaders to track learning needs and priorities

Build authentic interest and engagement around training and development

Empower talent leadership to respond quickly and positively to emerging issues or concerns

City Electric Supply uses Waggl for Talent

City Electric Supply is a leading worldwide electrical distributor serving Electrical Contractors in trade and industry across all market sectors. The company was founded in 1951 by Tom Mackie in the United Kingdom, and then expanded into the United States in 1983. CES is proud to remain a family owned company built on strong family principles. Their US network now spans 29 states, with 427 local teams. CES uses Waggl to improve training effectiveness. CES is able to design training programs better than ever before with real-time, prioritized feedback.

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We’re no longer throwing darts at the wall. We know exactly what we need to focus on and our key points to reference when making improvements for our employees. For a company our size, it’s nearly impossible to get this kind of feedback without Waggl.
Thomas McShane

Thomas McShane

Marketing Manager, City Electric Supply

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