Waggl for Events

Frequent or one-time events like town halls, annual meetings, offsites or conferences all share in common a key objective to engage participants and deliver value. Waggl invites participants to join and shape the experience, and provides organizers tangible insight to better plan top-quality events.

  • Identify the most important topics to cover
  • Amplify experience by inviting active contribution before and after event
  • Prioritize action based on crowdsourced, participant-vetted feedback

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Plan and deliver effective, high-value events

Bring together audience stakeholders to design event experiences that matter

Invite attendees to share ideas, observations, and feedback before, during, and after events

Instantly analyze and share results with key audiences to extend event value

Glassdoor uses Waggl for Events

Mariah DeLeon, VP of People at Glassdoor, began her experience using Waggl at the request of Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman. Today, Glassdoor uses Waggl in multiple ways, but here’s a favorite: Twice a month, before every all-company meeting, employees are asked what they want the CEO to cover. Hundreds of responses pour in and people vote on their favorite suggestions which then gives leadership crisp, tangible information about the most important topics to address.

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The world has fundamentally changed. We expect to have insights and transparency into the big decisions we make in our lives. That is what Glassdoor delivers to people, and that is what Waggl delivers to organizations.
Robert Hohman

Robert Hohman

CEO of Glassdoor

A Smashing Idea for Your Next Corporate Event

Waggl combines feedback — anonymous or not — with crowdsourcing suggestions and a wisdom of the masses approach to choosing the best ones.

Waggl for Events, Conferences, and Town Halls

Michela Moe, Conference Producer from Advanced Learning Institute (ALI) shares her experience using Waggl to create successful Events. Waggl Co-founder, Adam Tanner, talks about the impact fast, agile, transparent, actionable feedback.