Waggl for Culture

Strong organizational culture is positively linked to performance, engagement, retention, and brand. Waggl for Culture provides simple and effective ways to stay connected to your workforce and support the healthy growth of your organization.

  • Monitor and guide key areas of your organizational culture
  • Track trends and celebrate progress over time
  • Prioritize action based on crowdsourced, employee-vetted feedback

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Stay on the Pulse of your Culture

Bring together individuals, teams and leaders to create a connected culture

Solicit regular feedback and constructive contribution to improve the culture

Empower your organization to act quickly and positively around emerging needs or concerns

3D Robotics uses Waggl for Culture

3D Robotics is an American company headquartered in Berkeley, California that designs and manufactures commercial and recreational unmanned aerial vehicles. 3DR uses the Connected Culture pulse quarterly with their employees, for stunning results. “It’s best to benchmark against yourself,” Derek Sidebottom, VP of Talent, said about using this module. 3DR leadership uses the results generated by the quarterly pulse to assist in goal setting and to surface issues that keep their team from top performance. 3DR leadership receives highly actionable, prioritized answers that they can immediately use to take steps toward improvement.

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In less than a week, the whole dialogue changed internally. Culture moved from HR to the leadership team. In all my experience working with the annual engagement survey, that has never happened before.
Derek Sidebottom

Derek Sidebottom

VP of Talent, 3D Robotics

Improving Culture using the Denison Model

The Denison Model, surveys, and global database of benchmarks are backed by over 20 years of research. By maintaining a full‐time Research & Development department with PhD-level staff, we continuously conduct cutting‐edge research on topics related to our core model and client success.

Years of research and consultation with thousands of organizations and leaders throughout the world have enabled us to develop a global database of benchmarks. Rigorously maintained and regularly updated, this database provides unique, real‐world relevance to survey results and guides organizations to focus on actions that yield meaningful outcomes.

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Employee Feedback: What’s the Buzz?

If you haven’t heard of Waggl, prepare to have your mind blown. Seriously. Grab the duct tape and wrap it around your head. We’ll wait. A sizzling hot topic trending in business today is that of creating a culture of transparency.

Action, Agility, Accountability: Webinar

Derek Sidebottom, VP of Talent for 3D Robotics on How to Lead During Rapid Growth and Major Change

Trust: An Organizational Must-Have

Trust is an essential component of the customer relationship. If you think about some of the most notable business models that have sprung up over the last 5-10 years, you’ll find that the most successful companies are in the business of cultivating trust.