Waggl for Change

Change is a leading cause of anxiety for employees. Whether a merger, re-org or leadership change, Waggl is a powerful way to engage your workforce in a transparent dialogue about topics that matter.

  • Create alignment during times of change
  • Get meaningful, real-time feedback on change initiatives
  • Prioritize action based on crowdsourced, employee-vetted feedback

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Navigate change through focused, organization-wide dialogue by:

Closely connecting individuals, teams and leaders throughout a key change.

Soliciting regular feedback and constructive contribution to change process.

Empowering an organization to act quickly and positively around emerging needs or concerns.

Apollo Education Group uses Waggl for Change

Alicia Mandel, then Chief Learning Officer and VP, Learning and Organizational Development at Apollo Education Group, used Waggl to facilitate a challenging workforce reorganization.

From the outset, employees were asked for input on how the company could pull together and move forward most effectively. By having a voice on such an important issue, people felt a strong sense of inclusion and personal investment in making the re-org as successful as possible.

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"It’s fast, it’s cool, it’s transparent and it creates a culture of listening. It’s very easy to use -- only takes a minute to create and the best part is, the results are real-time so you (and everyone else) can get them immediately – it even puts the results into a presentation format.”
Alicia Mandel

Alicia Mandel

Chief of Learning Officer and VP, Learning and Organizational Development

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