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What is the Process Shredder?

PepsiCo created a Process Shredder by using Waggl to create alignment and fast action on priorities, and simplify how work gets done.

What is Waggl? Waggl is an agile and comprehensive Employee Voice platform that measures – and improves – engagement.

Hear Sachin Jain and Josh Bersin discuss how PepsiCo uses Waggl to crowdsource agility, and “become agile – by being agile.” By tapping into their peoples’ collective intelligence, PepsiCo leaders immediately pinpoint outdated processes and bureaucracy. They also gain valuable insights on how to remove these.  As Sachin states, “Frankly, we weren’t expecting such a rich amount of insight.” He adds, “We heard, ‘Here’s what I think we can do about this particular process.”

With the Process Shredder, PepsiCo leaders then drive fast action and agility. Jain outlines how the Waggl platform includes a voting function, “Typically it would have taken months to make sense of such a volume of insights.” Within 2 weeks of gaining their Employee Voice results, their CHRO shared next steps with the entire organization, and a timeline for completing them.

This is what PepsiCo means by crowdsourcing agility. Or as Jain states, “Waggl makes us agile – and accountable for being agile. Now we know what actions to take, so we have to take them.”

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I have written a lot about the Process Shredder, a cool application PepsiCo developed with Waggl that lets any team crowdsource processes to be obliterated. You should launch a Process Shredder in every department.
Josh Bersin HR Tech Global Analyst

Hear more from Josh about Waggl in “The Big Reset : A new way of thinking about work, life, business, and leadership.”

Josh Bersin

PepsiCo engaged 260K employees with this Process Shredder to activate a key value around Simplification.

“Name one process that stops you from getting things done fast.”
The Pepsico Story: Global Values in Action

Listen to Employee Voice to simplify work and prioritize action.

What processes will you shred?

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