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“Adopting an Employee Voice model (Waggl) can significantly transform organizational culture and re-cast engagement as a powerful lever for action.”
Matthew Gosney
Matthew Gosney, Ed.D, UCHealth, VP of Organizational Development & Learning Services
“Waggl helps by summarizing a great deal of input rapidly. People are reading each others’ comments and voting them up, and the feedback becomes extremely actionable.”
Rick Smith
Rick Smith University of Utah Health, Human Resources Executive
“With Waggl we can ask everyone ‘What is one way we can make progress?’ Then we can learn what we can do today to move forward.”
Linda Aldred
Linda Aldred Texas Children’s Hospital, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Leading health systems are engaging their people with Waggl.

UCLA Health
UW Health
BJC Healthcare
Christiana Care
UCSF Health
Texas Children's Hospital

We’ve partnered with 40+ healthcare systems to build a robust data set that leverages authentic insights and metric data from employees themselves to enable advances in the healthcare workplace.

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