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Top tier hospital systems choose Waggl to place frontline insights at the heart of care delivery and operations.

  • Boost Engagement and Retention
  • Foster Communication and Collaboration
  • Build Productivity and Resiliency

REPLACE your traditional engagement survey with Employee Voice to fundamentally change how you drive engagement.

AUGMENT your existing engagement solution to point into and solve your biggest organizational challenges.

Engagement is more than just a metric — it’s how you deliver better care, combat burnout, and drive operational excellence.

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Why Employee Voice?

"Over 50% of every dollar we spend is on people. That makes people our most valuable asset."
Dallis Howard-Crow, Chief Human Resources Officer at UCHealth
"I believe that not only have our employee metrics improved since we’ve rolled out the new employee voice platform, but we’ve also seen an improvement in our patient experience metrics as well, I believe they’re entirely tied together."
Joel Yuhas, CEO and President of UCHealth Memorial Hospital and UCHealth Southern Colorado
"Waggl is a listening and responding tool that goes beyond the traditional survey. Our team members are able to use the platform to tell us what is important to them, and that allows us to concentrate on what matters most rather than getting stuck in data-paralysis. The real-time results help leaders pull themselves away from the data overload and focus on having conversations. The tool helped us identify and talk about what matters most to our team members, so we can commit to meaningful action."
Jill Leonard, Initiatives Delivery Director at UnityPoint Health
"The direct support that we’ve gotten from the Waggl team has just been superlative. It’s made this process, which could have been rough, a lot smoother than it could have been. They were just there every step of the way, and that’s been an immense help."
Rick Smith, Senior Director Human Resource Management, University of Utah Health