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Healthcare is a multi-faceted industry that demands interoperability throughout numerous departments to create effective coordinated care. As a progressive leader, you strive to put innovation on the forefront because you understand that when your organization advances, we all move forward.

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Recruiting and maintaining top talent in a highly competitive marketplace remains one of the most challenging aspects of the healthcare industry. Insight-directed orientations and follow-up create engagement and support recruitment and the retaining of top talent.

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Developing strategies for the complex operational and ethical challenges that face providers is a paramount priority for maintaining coordinated care. Harnessing the insights of the workforce and the patient base leads to individual strategic solutions and better outcomes.

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In this age of frequent consolidation and transition it is essential to maintain alignment amongst employees and leadership to provide effective coordinated care. Using Waggl empowers leadership to create meaningful change without risking patient experience or workplace culture.

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Today patients are faced with a multitude of choices at every step of their healthcare journey. Transparency is the key to to a positive patient experience. Regular patient pulses generate insights that identify organizational strengths, and areas that need improvement.

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A healthy workplace culture leads to increased productivity and quality experiences for everyone connected to your company. Interoperability across multiple departments can be complicated, but Waggl is a solution that enables more natural connection and collaboration.

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Employees want to be engaged at every meeting and event, but express universal concern with over-scheduling. Using Waggl allows you to craft insight-driven agendas that create honest dialogue, and deliver actionable solutions and maximized productivity.

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The University of Utah Story

The University of Utah Health Systems is a top tier healthcare network that employs more than 14,000 faculty and staff. As the only university health system in Utah they are responsible for patient care not only in their home state, but also in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Nevada. UUHS also serves as the primary training ground for all healthcare professionals state-wide.

"Our physicians were highly engaged in participating in a Waggl pulse about them feeling valued and having a say in their practice. Response rates were much higher than normal and we received excellent actionable feedback."

Rick Smith

Human Resources Executive, University of Utah Health Sciences

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