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Does your organization struggle with building morale and productivity?

People thrive when they engage their voices to make a difference.

Employee Engagement

Drive high engagement and actionable results through authentic dialogue.

Replace: Fully replace traditional engagement survey with real-time Employee Voice to drive strong culture and high productivity.

Augment: Supplement traditional survey with frequent Employee Voice initiatives to drive higher engagement and faster action based on feedback.

People thrive when you engage their voices to make a difference. Waggl is the most powerful platform for Organizational Development and People Leaders today.

Engagement is more than a metric or periodic survey results.

Culture Building

Sustain a dynamic and positive conversation with your people.

Mission, Vision, and Values: Host a shared and open process to refine organizational purpose.

D&I Programs: Leverage a technology that is a step change in how organizations promote and practice inclusion and diversity.

Strategic Direction: Facilitate a strategic planning process that is inclusive, efficient and differentiated.

Healthy culture is a prerequisite to high performance and organizational resilience.

Internal Transformations

Stay connected and responsive to the real-time experience of people.

New Leader: Prepare leadership with employee insight about current state and future direction.

Re-Orgs/M&A: Manage transitions with consistent, clear and engaging dialogue to reinforce strategy and expectations.

Digital Transformations: Support technical roll-out with regular prioritized feedback on process improvements.

The success or failure of a critical transformation often rides on the experience of employees.

Operational Excellence

Capture the insight and expertise of every employee to boost focus and productivity.

Efficiency Programs: Isolate areas in need of improvement through directed inquiry and actionable feedback.

Innovation: Provide a platform for every employee to contribute ideas with potential for tangible impact.

Internal Communications: Simplify and streamline internal comms by utilizing authentic dialogue to drive engagement and alignment.

Internal processes run faster and better when communication, collaboration and engagement are optimized.

Join top-tier organizations on a journey of transformation to catalyze Employee Voice.

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