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Re-Igniting Engagement
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Does your organization struggle with maintaining morale and productivity?

Do employees express frustration with not being heard or a limited sense of impact?

Replace: Fully replace traditional engagement survey with real-time Employee Voice to drive strong culture and high productivity.

Augment: Supplement traditional survey with frequent Employee Voice initiatives to drive higher engagement and faster action based on feedback.

Waggl is the most powerful platform for Organizational Development and People Leaders today.

Engagement is more than a metric — it’s how you enable every voice to make a positive impact on your business.

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How do we define employee engagement?

It’s the alignment between an employee’s personal drive and interests and the organization’s goals and purpose.

Waggl elevates Employee Voice to drive employee engagement, going beyond measurement, and along the way building trust, creating alignment, and inspiring belonging.

Why Employee Voice?

“Since we’ve deployed Waggl here at Paychex it has frankly become almost a household name. We don’t talk about engagement surveys anymore, we talk about Waggl and we talk about pulsing. It has become the channel of regular feedback.”
Rick Amering, Sr. Manager of Human Resources, Paychex
“To me an engaged workforce means my job is a lot easier, because I have the people that really know the business helping to run the business.”
Mark Mayes, Associate Chief Nursing Officer at UCHealth

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