Drive High Reliability the VA Way with Employee Voice

VA North Texas leaders drive high reliability by giving every employee a stake in providing excellent patient care. They do this by activating Employee Voice. Employee Voice is the essence of an organization’s collective knowledge and expertise. VA North Texas leaders are tapping into Employee Voice by asking their entire organization questions that matter, listening to their responses, and then acting on what they learn. Their questions focus on anything from creating a safety culture to improving patient experience to overall employee engagement.

Listen to this webinar to learn how VA North Texas leaders drive high reliability with Employee Voice. Froy Garza shares how they augment their annual Best Places to Work (BPTW) survey through an Employee Voice platform. They needed to help employees share their best process improvement ideas, without sacrificing too much time away from patient care.

Garza states, “Our workforce has this hunger to participate and engage, they just can’t because of their daily responsibilities and duties to our patients.” They started launching quick pulses through an Employee Voice platform to augment their BPTW annual survey. This solved their challenge immediately. As Garza states, it “literally takes about two minutes to provide your feedback, see the results, and then vote on the feedback everyone else provided.” Garza also shares that when they gain this collective intelligence, they “ensure psychological safety on the part of every employee because it’s anonymous.” In fact, Froy states, “the best process improvement ideas come from the frontline.” This is how they define the right steps to drive high reliability.

Listen to this webinar and learn how to accelerate the journey toward high reliability. Garza’s firsthand insights provide a clear roadmap for any healthcare system to refind its path forward immediately.

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