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We’re transforming organizations with Employee Voice... but don’t just take our word for it. Hear more from our valued customers.

Before Waggl, our engagement results were getting better but we still had issues that were pronounced and clear in regards to the efficiencies of our operations and the efficacy of our management. With Waggl, we're asking simple questions and quickly getting answers we can use and take action on."
Dru Fearing VP of Talent Management
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Your employees do want to share their ideas. There is this hunger from our workforce that they want to participate; they want to engage . They just can't because all of the daily duties and responsibilities they have to our patients...
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Where there is a voice culture in play, you’ll find all of the outcomes of employee engagement at play. Increased job performance, increased organizational performance, customer service. Organizational brand, and organizational citizenship, and retention are all driven by voice culture.
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We have run organization wide engagement surveys in the past and what I found was that once you’ve gone through all of the effort required to set up, administer, send, receive results and begin analysis, there really wasn’t much organizational energy left to start digging in to what that data might mean and what actions to take from it.
With Employee Voice, we're changing how we get work done, so our clinicians and non-clinicians can passionately deliver their best every single day."
Dallis Howard-Crow Chief Human Resources Officer
What Waggl has allowed us to do is get that direct unfiltered feedback and really analyze it on a really big scale. When you’re getting a few thousand people responding to a pulse, you can pretty quickly figure out what your problem items are."
Thomas Hartland Mackie President and CEO
Waggl gives us the magic formula of directed listening followed by directed action. Then we rinse and repeat. Again and again.”
Victoria Hughes Former Head of Talent Management, Learning and Development and Culture
With Waggl you start the conversation. Even if something unexpected turns up, wouldn’t you rather know the truth?"
Cat Kennedy Head of Organizational Development
Waggl gets to the important questions instantaneously, and gets your best minds contributing to the possibilities. So then, just like that, you know what you’re working with and how to take action."
Craig Bardenheuer Former Vice President, Worldwide Business Innovation & Growth

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