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Well-Being & Resilience

What is one exceptionally impactful thing your organization has done to boost employees’ resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Metric Results

I have seen an increase in mental health concerns and/or burnout at my workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic.

76% Positive

My organization has proactively taken steps to address mental health and/or burnout challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

62% Positive

Total Participants

151 people
119 respondents

Top 10 Answers

  • Virtual session on managing stress in uncertain times, sessions on yoga n wellness, 24 x7 availablity of Doctor for any quick support required, introduction of COVID LEAVE for self and family, increased insurance coverage.
  • Allowed indefinite work from home.
  • We make sure people take the time they need during the day or week to recharge or tend to home life needs.
  • Flexible work hours to take into account personal situations (homeschooling, needing a break to recharge, taking care of sick relatives...). We also made sure we kept close contact with everyone through formal and informal means - dedicated coffee time slack channels, monthly office stand-up meetings, daily and weekly rituals.
  • Schedule Flexibility and Mental Health Days, creating a slack channel that's optional to join, but cuts out the noise of COVID overload if you're not looking for all of that.
  • Constant contact via zoom
  • thoughtful communication from Sr Leadership
  • Having Zoom and Slack tools to collaborate.
  • Our entire leadership team hosts a bi-weekly virtual town hall to share updates
  • Increased awareness of available resources to help with stress. Not sure if folks are taking advantage though.