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Join Waggl and ALI As We Talk Healthcare

Waggl Will Be In Chicago April 19-21 to Discuss Unique Solutions for Healthcare ALI’s Strategic Internal Communications For Healthcare Conference will be buzzing with healthcare professionals sharing new insights. Industry leaders are constantly navigating solutions...

3 years ago

GetApp Taps Waggl As A Tool To Boost Employee Engagement

“This employee feedback app taps into the key metric of employee engagement by allowing you to listen to what your workers really want,” says GetApp editor Karen McCandless.   We asked GetApp editor Karen McCandless why she chose to feature Waggl in Improve...

3 years ago

Workplace Diversity Study Released by HR West 2017 and Waggl

Waggl partnered with NCHRA at HR West 2017 to explore the benefits of a diverse workforce and the results were telling. Waggl conducted its Voice of the Workplace pulse about diversity with the Northern California Human Resources Association (NCHRA), one of the...

3 years ago

Waggl and Denison D-12 Module Transforms Organizational Culture

The Waggl – Denison partnership brings together the power of benchmarked, data-driven engagement analysis and the agility and alignment of Waggl. Change is inevitable. In life and in business, our willingness to be adaptable creates the foundation of growth....

3 years ago

Michael Papay presents the “Power of Listening” at HR West 2017

Waggl is thrilled to announce that Michael Papay, Waggl CEO and Co-Founder, will be delivering the “Power of Listening” session at HR West 2017. Waggl’s partnership with NCHRA helps organizations thrive through communication, inclusion, and enrichment. This...

3 years ago

Top HR Technology Challenges

As new technologies become ubiquitous in the workplace, HR leaders have more options at their fingertips than ever before. Are all of these options helping, or are they creating additional challenges? Here is your chance to share pain-points as you seek the perfect...

3 years ago

4 Steps to Cultural Transformation

Why is organizational culture so important? What are the true costs? Check this out … The term “culture” means many things to many people, but within the business world it generally speaks to the connectedness between people, the central mission/goal...

3 years ago

Waggl Helps Nonprofits Better Serve Communities

Waggl is honored to be working with a number of leading nonprofits to help improve communications with their donors, volunteers, members, clients, and staff. Waggl announces partnerships with Boys & Girls Club of Alameda, Women’s Funding Network, The SF-Marin...

3 years ago

Waggl to Attend 4th Annual Strategic Internal Communications

Waggl’s Co-Founder Adam Tanner and Business Development Tommy Herbst will be attending the 4th Annual Strategic Internal Communications event Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, 2017 in San Francisco, CA. Waggl is excited to participate in another thought-provoking event by...

3 years ago

Manage Culture During Transformation and Change [Webinar]

CFO’s rely on frequent analytics to measure organizational health. Now, business and HR leaders are following suit. “Clock speed for culture transformation isn’t only tracked in nanoseconds – it takes staying power, and a clear focus on the...

3 years ago

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