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Will Better Training Make the Workplace Safe from Gun Violence?

From 2013 to 2016, workplace killings in the United States went up 23 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This alarmingly high percentage increase doesn’t even include some of the most notable workplace attacks in the past year including...

4 months ago

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

HR Can Take the Lead in Creating a Safe Workplace for All. ...

9 months ago

Your Voice Counts!

Has the rise of social media increased transparency in your organization? Waggl is collaborating with our partners at NCHRA for another Voice of the Workplace research pulse to explore a hot topic: Social Media and the Workplace. Social media is everywhere; from...

1 year ago

How Does Change in the Workplace Affect Employees?

We want to hear about the change initiatives within your organization and how they’ve affected your experience as an employee.   As individuals and organizations we are becoming accustomed to frequent change. As disruption becomes our only constant we can see...

1 year ago

Workplace Diversity Study Released by HR West 2017 and Waggl

Waggl partnered with NCHRA at HR West 2017 to explore the benefits of a diverse workforce and the results were telling. Waggl conducted its Voice of the Workplace pulse about diversity with the Northern California Human Resources Association (NCHRA), one of the...

1 year ago

Accelerating Performance and Purpose with Workplace Trust [Webinar]

Casey Fenton, authority on Ultimate Trust Experiments will explain how trust experiments can inform trust In the workplace. Waggl is proud to present Casey Fenton in our upcoming webinar Accelerating Performance and Purpose with Workplace Trust. Casey is the...

1 year ago

Do Manager Relationships Lack Trust?

In Waggl’s latest “Voice of the Workplace” pulse, business professionals were asked to weigh in about a juicy topic that affects every workplace: Trust. Interestingly,  this study found that 37% percent of the participants in this pulse said that they do...

1 year ago

2017 Business Hot Buttons [Infographic]

Waggl’s infographic highlights Voice of the Workplace results about HR professionals’ business priorities for the coming year and the responses may surprise you. Download Infographic The best way to stay on top of trending topics and sentiments is to ask people...

2 years ago

Does your organization inspire trust?

Trust is the most important element in high-performing teams. You can’t have an effective team, or any enduring relationship, without it. These days, organizations are facing complex and unpredictable challenges, high-pressure stakes, and low margins for error....

2 years ago

HR and business leaders say they will focus on this in 2017

Waggl CEO, Michael Papay, recently spoke with Alice Keefe of Workforce Magazine about Voice of the Workplace results predicting 2017 business and HR strategies and the current challenges many companies face in attracting top talent. The recent Workforce Magazine...

2 years ago