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The Waggl blog features strategies for success with real-time employee feedback, insights you can use to boost engagement, and progressive leader spotlights.
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Aiming Towards Antifragility Is a Powerful Step

Our Waggl Wellspring series shares trends in workplace engagement and well-being. Sources include academic and industry researchers, visionaries and neuroscientists. First we outlined the influence of servant leaders. Then we focused on how empathetic leaders build...

2 months ago

Parsons Empowers Managers to Create a Speak Up Culture

In this guest blog, Mike Taylorson at Parsons shares how they empower managers to create a Speak Up culture. We examine this more in our white paper, and how Parsons is increasing engagement as a result. Below, Taylorson emphasizes how they empower managers through...

2 months ago

The Waggl Trifecta

Some say that good things happen in threes, and that’s certainly been the case for Waggl this quarter.  And against the backdrop of the global Coronavirus pandemic, we are especially grateful for the uplifting news. In the first quarter of 2020, Waggl received...

2 months ago

For HR Leaders, Appreciation Is Bringing Relief

This blog series shares how leaders are navigating this new world with their people. Recently, we outlined pulse results as they launched the Waggl COVID-19 program. Now, we share an inspiring theme that our Customer Success team is seeing emerge as HR leaders...

3 months ago

Empathy Is a Top Skill for Leaders

Our Waggl Wellspring series shares trends in workplace engagement and wellbeing. Sources include academic and industry researchers, visionaries and neuroscientists. In our first Waggl Wellspring, we demonstrated the influence of servant leaders. Now, we focus on...

3 months ago

How to Empower Managers and Teams to Address Challenges

In our workplace today, it is critical that companies empower managers and teams to address challenges. This activates localized knowledge and expertise. Overall, our Voices at Work white paper trilogy illustrates how companies empower employees to navigate the...

3 months ago

Leaders Who Listen Put People First

This blog shares how leaders are listening to their employees by launching the Waggl COVID-19 program. This program is helping them connect with their people quickly to navigate their new workplace together.  The Impact of COVID-19 Today COVID-19 is impacting...

3 months ago

Adapting to the New Normal: Why Listening to the Voice of Your People Has Never Been More Important — and How to Do It

The global COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing chaos it has caused are impacting us daily from all angles – health, economics, logistics, politics, education, relationships, and more. For people working in all industries and sectors, it is creating a huge amount...

4 months ago

Empowering Voice Builds Employee Brand

In this guest blog, Dr. Russell Robinson focuses on how a culture of voice builds employee brand.  Here, Dr. Robinson expands on the power of employee voice outlined in the Waggl white paper:  How to Activate Employee Voice to Create and Sustain a Speak Up Culture. ...

4 months ago

How to Engage Employees to Really Speak Up

Our Voices at Work trilogy illustrates how companies are empowering every individual to co-define the best path forward. They are launching Waggl’s Employee Voice platform to engage employees on topics that matter – and generating alignment, shared ownership...

5 months ago