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Harvest Postponed Due to Area Wildfires

Late Sunday evening, a series of wildfires began in close proximity to our Harvest event locations, and continue to impact safety in the area. Our first annual Waggl Harvest was scheduled to kick off today, October 10th. The progressive leader retreat was designed...

1 year ago

Creating a Non-Disposable Culture

Nurture Your Talent, Rather Than Replacing It Each summer, my family takes a road trip adventure down the Pacific Coast in our Airstream trailer.  Traveling and living in in close quarters together gives us an opportunity to unplug for a few days and really...

2 years ago

Our Waggl CEO and Co-Founder offers tips for success inside a fast-growth company.

Michael Papay sat down with “From Founder to CEO” to speak about Waggl’s culture, and our alternative to the traditional employee engagement survey.   Recently we were approached by our friends at “From Founder to CEO” for an update on how the last year...

2 years ago

Connect with Waggl at upcoming events

  Come find us at SIOP 2017, the HR Symposium and ASU-GSV     When you have something this good to share, you just can’t keep it to yourself.   That’s why Waggl is hitting the road to participate in a number of exciting events over the course of...

2 years ago

What Makes Us Waggl

  Inspired by nature: Waggl’s Unique Platform Mimics Honeybee Communication     How often do you dance at work to make a point? For the honeybee, the waggle dance is the tool that enables the hive as they work towards their shared purpose: survival....

2 years ago