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Does Crowdsourcing Really Surface the Best Insights in an Organization?

Waggl’s crowdsourcing platform harnesses employee insights for organizations to understand and address their greatest pain points immediately. When employees share their voice, and leaders listen, an ongoing cycle of powerful, collective engagement is spurred...

2 months ago

How to Activate Employee Voice to Drive Results

Last week, Adam Tanner, Waggl’s Head of Product, sat down with a group of HR leaders interested in evolving their engagement strategies. As Head of Product, Adam has spent years working to solve the engagement problem. He witnesses inspiring results on a regular...

5 months ago

3 Ways to Recruit and Retain the Best Hospital Staff

Increasing numbers of university graduates are walking away with degrees funneling them into the healthcare industry, yet many HR leaders in hospitals of all sizes are still unable to find the right talent when recruiting. Not only is the pool of candidates meager...

6 months ago

How to Evolve Your Engagement Strategy

HR leaders are tasked with more than just measuring engagement. Forward-looking organizations are now turning to HR to craft engagement strategies that tie to business outcomes. With these evolving expectations of HR, strategies themselves must also adapt. But...

6 months ago

Ask then Act: How UCHealth is advancing employee engagement

If you had to adapt your healthcare organization today to change the way you managed employee engagement, what would drive you to change? This may be a loaded question, but consider this simple statement: the patient experience is only as good as the employee experience....

6 months ago

CES lowered new-hire employee turnover by 50%. You can too.

How CES reduced turnover by 50%...

7 months ago

Appreciation rises to the top for employee satisfaction

Creating happy and productive employees requires your kudos. Our modern day organizations are large and complex, and our individual and collective efforts can often feel unrecognized. New research shows that letting these accomplishments go unnoticed can be disastrous...

9 months ago

Replace The Annual Survey and Overhaul Your Culture

It’s time to change. Don’t wait to switch from annual engagement surveys to continuous feedback. Are you holding onto your annual engagement survey because you’re just not sure you have time to switch to a more continuous feedback platform? You aren’t...

10 months ago

Presenting “Thrival: The Path to Creating a High-Performing, Resilient Organization.”

Our new white paper outlines a path towards organizational resiliency. At Waggl, we care deeply about providing a service that helps organizations connect to the wisdom within any group: people. Progressive leaders all over the world are moving their employee feedback...

11 months ago

The ROI of Trust

Is it possible to actually measure the value of trust in an organization? As human beings, we are hardwired to seek trusting relationships.  In fact, the very first stage in Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development is “Trust vs Mistrust.”...

11 months ago