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The Waggl blog features strategies for success with real-time employee feedback, insights you can use to boost engagement, and progressive leader spotlights.
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4 Things You Need to Know to Activate Employee Voice

You’ve probably heard the term “Employee Voice” brought up in several conversations lately. The employee engagement landscape is shifting, and strategic HR pros are looking for more agile tools that allow them to truly tap into the value of their most important...

1 year ago

Employee Engagement Awards Honors Waggl as a Top Engagement Vendor

Last week, Waggl was commended by the North American Employee Engagement Awards as one of the best employee engagement vendors of 2018. The award was announced on Thursday, June 7 in Chicago at the Employee Engagement Conference.   The Employee Engagement Awards...

2 years ago

The Evolution of Employee Engagement

It’s no secret that organizations with high levels of engagement consistently outperform the competition. Research shows that engaged employees produce better outcomes, and businesses with a high level of engagement report up to 4x higher levels of success. According...

2 years ago

Waggl to provide insights at HR Tech Connect Summit

We’re excited to join HR and IT Leaders in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Waggl is thrilled to sponsor the HR Tech Connect Summit this year. This exclusive event will bring together highly qualified HR and IT executives that understand the rapid and transformational...

3 years ago

Does the Path to Change Have to Be Hard?

New technology, combined with a bit of common sense, can streamline change initiatives. There are numerous well-known methodologies for change management. They are based in logic, and historically they’ve worked to affect change. However, the way we communicate...

3 years ago

HR TechXpo to Showcase the Intersection between HR and Technology

The San Francisco Bay Area is the Home of Innovation in Human Resources     The Northern California Resources Association (NCHRA) has been providing education and inspiration for HR professionals to the Bay Area since 1960. They produce over 100 events annually...

3 years ago

People Data Powers Engagement and Communication

Advanced Learning Institute will gather the HR community for the HR Analytics & The Employee Experience Conference from August 1-3 in San Francisco. Waggl is happy to be taking part in the Advanced Learning Institute’s HR Analytics and The Employee Experience...

3 years ago

The Hottest New HR Tech Trends In The Workplace

It seems like everyone in our industry is talking about the ideal HR tech suite – what it contains, and how it will make the lives of HR professionals easier.   The ideal combination often claims to include a mix of software for hiring/recruitment, employee...

3 years ago