Acting on Employee Voice shifts culture immediately

Given our world today, every organization is going through a culture transformation. Our Voices at Work trilogy shows how leaders empower employees to help navigate this profound shift. Acting on Employee Voice shifts culture immediately by building the collective buy-in and accountability for living the organization’s values. 

Part 1 of our trilogy outlines how companies create a Speak Up culture to foster timely, localized and relevant action. Then, Part 2 shares how UCHealth and Parsons improve engagement scores as a result. Finally, Part 3 shows how acting on Employee Voice shifts culture immediately at HEINEKEN, 3M and PepsiCo.

For example, HEINEKEN invited employees to co-design their Diversity and Inclusion program from the ground up. Within 91 days, they created a change plan and a Diversity Council to propel it forward. PepsiCo reinforced agility as its core value when leaders asked every employee to “Name one process that stops you from getting things done fast.” Within 2 weeks of gaining their responses, their CHRO shared a timeline for executing on this input.

Now, we invite you to read How to Elevate Employee Voice to Guide a Culture Transformation, and learn how your organization can aim collectively towards your North Star.

Activate Employee Voice to engage your entire organization.