How to Empower Managers and Teams to Address Challenges

In our workplace today, it is critical that companies empower managers and teams to address challenges. This activates localized knowledge and expertise.

Overall, our Voices at Work white paper trilogy illustrates how companies empower employees to navigate the best path forward. First, Part 1 outlines how companies like Texas Children’s Hospital and Gilead are removing the main barriers to this. Now, Part 2 shares how UCHealth and Parsons empower managers and teams to address top challenges.

Part 2 outlines how their managers ask their teams about what to prioritize, and then act on what they learn. Then it shows how this improves their engagement scores. Overall, it shows how their managers motivate teams to want to speak up about what really matters. Therefore, they can focus their dialogue on co-defining actions to take. Then, as they continue this dialogue, they build trust and momentum. Now, they stand out as “pockets of excellence” with higher engagement scores. As other teams follow their lead, they exponentially increase engagement across the company. 

Also, Part 2 shows how UCHealth and Parsons have launched an Employee Voice solution. Parson’s VP of Leadership and Strategy Mike Taylorson states that this solution is “giving everyone the tools to navigate and leverage new ways of working together.” Part 2 illustrates how they are using this solution to:

  • launch a simple cycle of inquiry, dialogue, and action
  • identify and address top challenges
  • reinforce alignment and shared ownership of progress
  • remove unnecessary processes and bureaucracy
  • leverage HR and OD’s real expertise

Coming soon, look out for Part 3 of our Voices at Work trilogy. This conclusion to our trilogy will focus on How to Elevate Employee Voice to Drive a Culture Transformation. 

Now, we invite you to Learn How to Activate Employee Voice to Empower Managers and Teams.