Top 3 Predictions for HR in 2020

2020 is going to be a year of action.

In 2019, we had the opportunity to work side by side with influential pioneers in the fields of HR and Organizational Development. 

It is a privilege to support these people leaders. We know the work they do directly correlates to improving employee experience at their organizations. The award-winning hospital systems, global consumer goods companies, utility and energy providers, and U.S. military and government agencies we work with all have more in common than just Waggl.

They employ people. Lots and lots of people. The experience of their people at work matters. The leaders we partner with are actively working to improve that experience on a daily basis. Together, we’re on a journey, learning along-side courageous leaders, and in conversation at Waggl Harvest 2019. Through this work, we’ve identified three big predictions for HR in 2020. 


Three HR Predictions in 2020: 


Strategic HR will become the most valuable core competency inside the organization:

There are trends afoot that are reshaping the traditional contractual relationship between employer and employee. These transcend any one company or industry. They instead map more closely to the employment journey or ‘experience’ of the individual worker. 

The first is shifting definitions and values around work/life balance. Most companies are still grappling with how to support and leverage diverse work modes while sustaining high productivity, culture, and performance.

The second is the rising prevalence of gig economy workers in a variety of industries. Whether by choice or necessity, most companies will find HR departments outsourcing areas like talent placement and benefits management more frequently, according to Software Advice. This will shift the role of the HR generalist and more emphasis will be placed on retaining and engaging key talent.

The third is an emphasis on soft skills like communication, trustworthiness, listening and effective delegation. All of these skills personify a new kind of HR professional that is working to evolve employee engagement. This individual is an active agent for change implemented in partnership with the business. 


The need for collecting timely engagement data will continue to accelerate.

The very moment survey results are ‘complete’ they carry an expiration date. To be effective in their roles, leaders need faster, more focused and relevant feedback cycles. 

This acceleration is based on two trends:

Organizational agility is a hot commodity and provides a competitive advantage for HR departments. Key frontline employee insights in real-time allow leaders to prioritize feedback and reduce response to action time. Constant change, in the form of disruption or innovation, means that businesses need to be ready and able to act decisively. 

The number of tools available to ‘measure’ employee engagement continues to grow. However, measurement alone is no longer an indicator of broad performance. Instead, organizations are thinking more expansively about how employee engagement correlates to other key measures.  These measures include productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction to name a few. Tools that enable leaders to more closely track these types of measures will be better prepared to navigate challenges and opportunities.


Employees will increasingly press to have their voices heard by employers. They’ll also seek out workplaces where they feel included in shaping the company’s direction.

Employees’ desire to share their voice and have shared ownership and trust in leadership continues to grow. Top employers will encourage not only sharing employee voice, but also cultivating environments where employees feel like they are included and they belong. 

Employees will continue to join and remain top employers because of company culture. The climate for culture in 2020 will demand real-time response and action from the leaders at their organization on the topics that matter most. 



These three developments will shape the HR landscape as we head into a new decade.  In fact, pre-eminent global industry analyst, Josh Bersin, touched upon all three at Waggl Harvest 2019. He stated 2020 will be focused on sustainable productivity through trust, purpose, and action at work. 

Regarding Waggl, Bersin remarked: “You have built an action platform like none I have ever seen.”

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