Summertime Celebrations at Waggl

Waggl celebrated an annual tradition in August. For the 5th year in a row, we brought together our entire distributed workforce to our main headquarters in Sausalito, California.

At Waggl, we believe in people, and the people at our company remain firmly focused on our values throughout constant change. With an aligned compass forward, the latter half of this year has brought solid growth and clearer consensus on our culture, mission, and vision for the future than ever before.

Once we found out our new CFO extraordinaire Lee had signed off on the all-company visit, plans began to circulate around the office…but one of our employees noticed a problem. Mila, our Controller, remarked that the energy in the office was “off.”

What followed was a quick assembly of folks that cared to contribute to a potential office re-org task force. Our creative-core powerhouse designer Daniel Stanczyk went through a series of design iterations on our office space. In just three weeks, with enthusiasm and agreement and many helping hands, our office was transformed just in time to greet the whole Waggl team.

The collective energy of our entire company on that first morning with everyone in the office was powerful. Our team, paired with a clear set of initiatives and precise focus, was becoming visibly more aligned.

We launched into our first group activity by delving into the results of our strategic alignment Waggl pulse. This year’s topic was how we can achieve our organizational goals, while also retaining a culture that supports those goals. Our pulse results outlined how our different functions were feeling, what our biggest obstacles were, and guided us in a cross-functional team solution session.

We broke out of that strategic alignment session energized and ready to go. A full day passed with the benefit of all of our colleagues “live in the hive,” and concluded with a festive evening at Michael Papay’s wine cellar… (Oh yeah, our CEO has a wine cellar.)

Our product is evolving on a constant basis, so Day 2 kicked off with a 2020 Waggl Vision session led by the product team that highlighted where the Waggl platform is now, and where we expect it will expand.

This was inspirational enough, but to make things better, we were joined by Cal Wick, the co-founder & CEO of Fort Hill Company, the company Waggl was incubated in. Our CEO Michael, who had joined Cal as co-founder of Fort Hill before stepping away to start the Waggl journey, has carried the strong value proposition of Fort Hill into Waggl.

waggl cal wick founders

We’re led, always, by our Core Values:

waggl company values

Our all-company continued with so much activity: an afternoon at an Escape Room, an evening at the Sausalito Cruising Club, dinners, and lunch-and-learns. And another super special annual tradition, a collaborative art experience, this year led by a local Sausalito artist Andrea Hanson. Every member of Waggl contributed their own bee to this painting.

waggl voices at work painting


The outcome of these annual visits proves something that we built into the Waggl platform. When we feel a sense of belonging and connectedness at work, we’re more positively engaged as individuals and colleagues. Including everyone in discussions around the future of our platform allows for valuable insights that might otherwise be overlooked….and we definitely feel it’s a factor in why we’ve been awarded a “Best Place to Work” this year and why we’re growing like crazy (#152 on the 2019 Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies.)

On the heels of this incredible week-long event, things are moving at a breakneck speed. Our annual Employee Voice leader retreat, Harvest, is only two weeks away! The remarkable thought leaders and customers joining us promise an incredible event of meaningful substance and learning…(Josh Bersin is our keynote speaker!) There’s still a space or two left, so if you are a people leader who cares about the authentic voice of your employees, then run – don’t walk – to our website for your ticket today.

And speaking of people leaders, we were thrilled to debut our brand new Healthcare eBook in August that features inspirational leaders from UCHealth and VA North Texas. It is massively motivational to know that Waggl is the Employee Voice platform of choice at top-tier healthcare organizations committed to improving care for their patients every single day.

Our August was finished off with some nice extensions of Waggl into the marketplace. Waggl was nominated as a Top Employee Engagement tool by Select Software. Then following our win as North American Employee Engagement Vendor of the Year, Michael spoke with the founder of the Employee Engagement Awards, Matt Manners. They discussed the importance of empowering all of our people and giving them a voice on topics that matter. While Waggl can be used for many organizational initiatives, the magic of Employee Voice is how it liberates HR & OD teams from primarily measuring engagement to actually creating it.

Michael also spoke with Thaler Pekar on employee listening, a topic she’ll delve into at Harvest when she speaks about “Building Big Narratives by Sharing Small Stories.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our Waggl summer as much as I’ve enjoyed being a part of it. We’d love to hear about the Employee Voice initiatives you’d like to promote at your organization, so get in touch!