Waggl Releases Excel Exports

We’re proud to announce we released Excel Exports in Waggl! We embedded 4 (3 new) Excel exports in the Waggl admin experience. These reports allow administrators to export the demographic and/or manager hierarchy heat map reports into Excel/spreadsheet format for further analysis and distribution.

This release will be especially helpful for clients who need to compare large numbers of demographic tags and manager groups. We identified and standardized some of the most common versions so these can be automated and made available directly to client admins in real time.

In addition, reports are required to support an enterprise wide program that uses demographics or manager hierarchies in their data. Having this information available in Excel allows for further analysis and distribution in a format more familiar to many of our client leaders.

How does it work?

Only admins will see Exports. The Exports page includes up to 4 files: All Pulse Data, Demographic Summary, All My People Summary, and Direct Report Summary.

Waggl Excel Exports

All Pulse Data shows the same information as the current XML, but with better automatic formatting. In addition, the demographic columns have been removed to further protect anonymity, since this information is now available in the new demographic summary reports.

The Demographic Summary includes a tab for every type of demographic used (department, region, etc.) with heat map formatting. In addition, the final tab includes all demographic values on one sheet.


The All My People and Direct Report Summaries only display when the hierarchy has been loaded for the pulse or account. They automatically include every manager in the file, sorted alphabetically by email address.


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