Is Your People Strategy Missing Employee Voice?

Yes, your people have a voice, and they’re already talking. The question is, are you enabling your organization to listen, respond, and take action? At Waggl, we believe that if your people strategy doesn’t include Employee Voice, you’re putting your organization at a disadvantage.

No one knows your business better than your employees, and when you receive their insights in real-time, you gain fast, fresh perspective and tangible knowledge tailored for problem-solving.

The stakes are higher than ever in our rapidly changing business environment. 75% of today’s S&P 500 companies will be replaced by 2027. Disruption is transforming all industries faster than ever before, requiring a higher level of organizational agility, and, hopefully inspiring more transparency as leaders communicate with their people.

Well-intentioned leaders have tried for decades to tap Employee Voice with traditional mechanisms like annual engagement surveys and performance reviews. There are dozens, if not hundreds of tools that exist today designed to boost and measure engagement.

Despite this, in 30 years of measuring engagement we haven’t seen the needle move. It’s time we realize that the solution must go beyond simply measuring engagement; it must create a clear path to action that allows leaders to do more.  

Without tapping into Employee Voice, organizations risk disengaged employees, talent attrition, communication breakdown, and digital transformation failure. Without an opportunity to share their voices, employee engagement will naturally plummet.

Consider these metrics:

Employee Voice is a critical component to strategies that aim to boost employee engagement, create healthy cultures, power internal transformations, and promote operational excellence.

Your people thrive when you engage their voices to make a difference. You’ve already gone through the hard work of recruiting and retaining the best talent. It’s time to truly put their voices to work with the #1 Employee Voice platform, Waggl.  

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