What is Your Greatest Concern with an On-Demand Workforce?

Now that we have avoided another government shutdown, we are reflecting on the risks associated with various types of employment. An on-demand workforce continues to mystify many organizations and there is not a one-size fits all approach to integrating on-demand workers into an organization’s workflow and culture.

In partnership with Next Concept HR, we are collecting input on the current role of on-demand workers and the biggest concerns held by employees in more traditional roles. There is still time contribute to the research. Please participate to provide your insight and experience!

So far, these are the responses participants shared and voted on to give us the top 5 prioritized concerns:

  1. “Regulations”
  2. “Replacing livable wage jobs with benefits with ‘gigs’ that do not provide a dependable income source to the workers.”
  3. “Biggest concern is their availability to scale based on our needs for their services.”
  4. “Lack of consistency, particularly for those in direct contact with our clients. I worry that turnover reflects poorly on our organization, even though the on-demand workers we’ve hired to help keep pace with workload were intended to only be there temporarily.”
  5. “Competing demands for time from the on-demand worker. The ones I have worked with prefer a full-time schedule, even if they are contractors or temps. If I cannot guarantee that, they take on other gigs, resulting in schedule conflicts and delays. Can’t blame them; they’ve got to make as much as they can.”

Join the conversation and make sure to vote on other responses.