Will Your 2018 Data Keep You Down in 2019?

With just six weeks left in 2018, organizations are planning for 2019 and beyond. However, many are doing so without a strong grasp on insights from this year.

It’s easy to get so buried in data that it delays action, and action is what is needed to move an organization forward. When Waggl started building its product and the type of experience we wanted to create for our customers, we did so from a design-focused perspective. We created our platform so survey administrators wouldn’t remain stuck in the data. We believe this commitment to creativity and design is the secret ingredient to our success.

Our design team has grown over the last few years and continues to inject the organization with humor and creativity. One of our talented graphic designers recently launched a #wagglwild competition to spread creativity throughout the organization. He designed this cartoon and asked everyone at Waggl to contribute captions.


We used crowdsourcing to determine the winning caption, but there were plenty of other ideas shared!

“I am sorry.  Something went wrong.”

“The year is 2020…..”

“Let’s go back to the suggestion box.”

We would love to hear your best caption idea! Share in the comment here.

We experience our organization’s commitment to Employee Voice through fun internal activities like #wagglwild through making strategic decisions about the direction of the company.

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