Are You Bold Enough to Ask Employees for Their Stories?

Storytelling is deeply ingrained across cultures and history, but is an activity we have been losing as the pace of life and business distracts us from taking the time to ask others for their stories or share our own. Thaler Pekar, organizational narrative and story expert, is refocusing the workplace on this vital tradition. Her work is helping organizations have a  profound impact on both employee experiences and business results.

In an era with ever-increasing technology platforms and reliance on artificial intelligence, the simple art of listening has become a rarity. Listening, a vital aspect of the storytelling experience, is a critical tool for navigating complexity and for providing insights. These insights, in turn, enable organizations to discover and better connect with their employees. Environmental and societal factors, in addition to our own biases, assumptions, and the diverse demands for our attention, can get in the way of truly listening, though.

The reality is that people crave stories that reflect the complexity of their lives. But, in order to hear stories, organizations have to ask for them. Asking for, listening to, and making sense of stories requires intent and strategy. You have to be thoughtful in your method of asking and you must do something with the information you receive or employees will lose the trust and motivation to share. Our communities and workplaces will thrive only when people respect, trust, and listen to one another.

We recently partnered with Thaler to host a conversation focused on how this connectivity can be accomplished by listening to each other’s stories.

Watch Thaler’s webinar to learn more about the impact stories have in an organization.

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