Watch How One Retailer Built an Effective Employee Engagement Survey

Jordan Dodds, Waggl Product Manager, recently sat down in the City Electric Supply (CES) U.S. headquarters to chat with Thomas McShane about their employee engagement survey experience. 

McShane explains how City Electric Supply invested in their incredible company culture to drive high-performance, boost retention, and continue scaling at an unprecedented rate.

Waggl exists to help ignite genuine dialogue inside organizations. This makes the opportunity to have one-on-one time with customers responsible for driving change within their organization so valuable as our product team continues to develop our solutions to address low employee engagement.

The retail space is particularly benefited by real-time feedback software as it is often challenging for corporate offices to understand the unique challenges each retail location experiences. In this 20-minute webcast, McShane shares the CES journey in exploring solutions to better connect their hard to reach retail employees and the wider organization. 

Watch this webcast to learn how CES hears and acts on its employees’ best ideas by building an updated employee engagement survey and the exciting business results gained by accessing employee voice across their U.S. locations.