What’s Different About Waggl?

Statistics tell us that only 1 out of 10 startups will make it, and there are a lot of reasons why. At Waggl, we aren’t interested in joining the majority share of that equation.

That’s why we invest in an annual all-hands visit to our company headquarters in Sausalito, California. Our strong remote culture means half of our workforce is not based locally, so these visits are key to our success.

Take it from our CEO Michael Papay. “We’ve been growing really fast. Some of the challenges of growing fast are creating connection, cohesion, and alignment, and that was one of our big goals with this year’s all-hands visit. We created that connection through group exercises, through fun, and a lot of functional work. As you grow and scale fast and deal with change and transformation those things are important.”

We do know a thing or two about growing fast. This time last year, our headcount was only 24, and we were operating out of an office that still seemed far too large on Liberty Ship Way. The 2017 all-hands visit gave us a chance to really define our shared values. We used the Waggl platform to start the dialogue and then came together in an exercise to discuss what values were voted as the most important to our workforce.

This year, with more than twice as many staff, we did a lot of work to back up those values and make sure we were still aligned as a community. We dove deep into our branding and messaging, guided in collaborative exercises by our design strategy team.

“Being design-strategy led means that as our company evolves we must maintain a consistently deep empathy for the end user of our product: the customer. Everyday we use design-thinking to explore the best possible outcomes and work collaboratively across our functions. The exercises we pointed into during our all-company visit were essential proof points that an inclusive design approach helps us define a unique strategy that will differentiate us in our market and delight our customers,” explains Alex Kinnebrew, our Head of Design Strategy.

Our shared ideation around differentiation led us to really explore the “why” of Waggl.

So What’s Different about us? Why Waggl?

  • We believe at the highest level that the workplace deserves to be most human.

  • We believe that listening to people and giving them a voice makes it more human.

  • By virtue of giving people a voice, we honor the incredible wisdom that’s in the system. That wisdom helps companies thrive throughout change.

Every employee at every company deserves to have a voice, and we’re proud to be the #1 feedback platform for authentic employee voice. We’d love to work with your organization to create a dialogue around your shared values.

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