Creating High-Trust Organizations Like Your Life Depends On It

Our first annual Waggl Harvest is quickly approaching and we invited Captain George Dom to share his unique experience helping nurture high-trust organizations. George is a former naval officer and aviator with a career that includes leading four aircraft carrier fighter squadrons and commanding the air wing on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS John F. Kennedy.

When flying for the Blue Angels, George operated in a world where people’s lives actually depended upon being able to trust one another. Now, George works with diverse organizations to create high-performance, trusting teams through his work leading the High-Trust Leadership Network.


Harvest is all about asking questions and creating a space for authentic dialogue to work toward solutions to today’s biggest HR challenges. It’s fitting, then, that George starts High-Trust conversations with a series of questions he refers to as the “5 C’s.”

The 5 C’s

CHARACTER:  “Do you walk your talk?”

COMMITMENT:  “Will you be with us when times are rough?”

COMPETENCE:  “Are you good enough to be our leader?” “Are your skills relevant?”

CONNECTION:  “Do you understand me?”

COMMUNICATION:  “Can I understand you?”

It takes daily practice to make leading with the 5 C’s a habit. Join George at Harvest to learn how and why creating a more trusting culture can positively alter your organization.