3 Ways to Recharge Your Staff This Summer

Remember earlier this year when January seemed to last 12 weeks in itself? How are we already reaching the halfway point of summer? Is your office finding the balance to take advantage of the season?

At Waggl, one of our values that resonates most with our employees is “put family first.” Although this manifests throughout the year, many of our team members like to put time aside to recharge and have fun with their families and friends during the summer months. We have a few ways we like to support our staff in recharging all year round, but they are particularly helpful now.

3 Ways to Recharge Your Staff This Summer

1. Support time away from work with friends, family, or for solo exploration trips. Check out where some Wagglers have been going below!

2. Implement a wellness initiative. Waggl is lucky enough to be filled with employees who are passionate about nurturing wellness. Some of our favorite initiatives have been:

Clean eating and wellness challenge: 4 weeks with point scoring opportunities for eating your fruits and vegetables, getting out of the office to walk, exercising, meditating and more!

Miles challenge: How many miles running, walking, cycling, or skiing can you rack up in 3 weeks? Participants were happy to have a competitive reason to do more walking meetings and take some commutes by foot or bike.

New partnerships with local gyms and wellness centers to give employees options in how they take care of their minds and bodies.

3. Encourage change and regrowth. The pace of change continues to accelerate, so agility and adaptation is necessary to survive. The trick is staying up to pace and looking forward, while also creating a space for reflection and regrowth. Summer can be a great time for employees to recharge so they are energized and ready for growth when they get back to the office. By the way, if you are ready for regrowth, we are hiring!

Waggler Adventures!

We aren’t ready for summer to end, but, we admit, we can’t help looking forward to fall.

If you’re looking for a fulfilling trip when summer ends, join us at Waggl Harvest in California’s Napa Valley September 26-27th!