Don’t Be the Death Star, HR!

It’s that time of the year again! Happy May the 4th to Star Wars fans everywhere.

Even if you’re not a fan of arguably the most successful film franchise in history, if you’re in HR, Star Wars provides no shortage of helpful lessons on getting the most out of your talent.

It would take a pretty evil employer to want to create the kind of homogenous and obedient environment that exists in Star Wars.  Luckily, at Waggl, we’re friends with a lot of folks in HR,  and we know you aren’t up to that. In fact, we know you spend the better part of most days strategizing on how to create the best and most inclusive environment for everyone in your organization.

But what if? Imagine you were an evil dictator, and you just couldn’t understand why the Empire seemed to have failure after failure. You put in a lot of hard work to create effective world domination, so why do you keep experiencing this organizational disappointment? What could you do to boost engagement, and make working for the Empire more fulfilling?


Our latest Waggl pulse asks: What could the Empire do to make your job more fulfilling? 


Top Answers:


  • Stop random assassinations of staff members. I am terrified to come to work everyday.


  • I don’t care what Darth says, Merry Sithmas is not a real thing.


  • We should be able to wear camouflage. Being a stormtrooper is a great honor, but these white outfits make us a target. So many losses that are unnecessary.


  • I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe, but I want power! Unlimited power!


In every Star Wars film, despite fantastic technology that could create hyperspeed, lightsabers, and the Death Star, the characters were all affected most by dramas that were simply human. Truth be told, our organizations function the same way.

Don’t be like the Death Star, HR. Listen to your people, and give them a voice!

Share your voice below to let us know what you think a Stormtrooper might like to share with the Empire in our live Waggl pulse.