Introducing “The Simple Secret Behind Improving Engagement”

At Waggl, we know that engagement is one of your most important goals as a leader. Truly positive engagement in an organization results in increased profit, higher performance, increased retention, and a better employee experience.

Our last white paper, Thrival: The Path to Creating a High-Performance, Resilient Organization,  introduced two key building blocks to create high-performance. When organizations embrace inclusion and transparency as part of their culture, positive transformation inevitably occurs. We can track the efficacy of transformation with five key indicators: accountability, trust, engagement, agility, and better decision-making.

Now, with The Simple Secret Behind Improving Engagement, we are diving deeper into what inclusion and transparency really mean. Many leaders are hesitant when it comes to implementing a policy that includes transparency. Historically, this concern has been valid. In classic organizational structure, keeping leadership decisions close to the chest was fundamental to maintaining hierarchy. Collective buy-in was determined by what leaders could offer you, but limited to growth within your particular role. Inclusion, too, could have been viewed as a deterrent to growth, based on an antiquated and, frankly, obsolete notion that homogeneous cultures would be easier to control and more uniformly productive.

Today, we know that when building an organization that can maintain high-performance throughout changing business conditions, the two fundamental building blocks of inclusion and transparency are powerful competitive advantages. Once we’ve made the mental shift towards allowing inclusion and transparency to become core beliefs in our organizations, we can quickly start to see transformational change.

In The Simple Secret Behind Improving Engagement, we explore how inclusion and transparency lead directly to positive change. When implemented, they create a powerful investment in your employees, unlocking their discretionary effort and, in turn, leading to better individual performance, increased organizational performance, and, ultimately, a high-performance organizational culture.

Change doesn’t need to be hard when you partner with organizations that can guide you on your journey. Download The Simple Secret Behind Improving Engagement now to learn how to radically improve engagement in your organization.