How to Activate Employee Voice to Drive Results

Last week, Adam Tanner, Waggl’s Head of Product, sat down with a group of HR leaders interested in evolving their engagement strategies. As Head of Product, Adam has spent years working to solve the engagement problem. He witnesses inspiring results on a regular basis from leaders who have learned to truly activate Employee Voice within their organizations.

The thought of evolving your traditional engagement strategy can be fear-invoking for many, but we see clear bottom-line impacting reasons to evolve. Change can be difficult, but the data tells us we can no longer afford not to listen to our people and act on their input.

The Disengagement Problem

Disengagement levels over the years

Disengagement is losing our economy millions of dollars and leading to unfulfilling professional lives for many. Around 70 percent of our workforce is not engaged or actively disengaged. The hasn’t changed for nearly two decades regardless of investments into annual engagement surveys and engagement activities. Just because you measure engagement, this doesn’t mean that you are improving engagement.   Tweet This!

In Adam’s webinar discussion, 68 percent of participants survey their employees one or fewer times per year. Many organizations are thinking about how to move engagement strategies forward to actually change stagnant engagement levels. They know they must adjust traditional models to our changing workforce in order to thrive into the future.

The Employee Voice Solution

Change is constant. Organizations need to be agile to survive.

Today, employees are seeking a new kind of engagement that is always-on, transparent, and constructive.  Tweet This! We are in a demand dominated period of time. Individuals are no longer willing to remain silent in the face of challenges that impact their lives, both personally and professionally. Organizations must adapt to this shift in power where employees are the drivers for change. But how?

Waggl believes feedback should be valuable, fast, and immediately actionable. We know this is achievable for organizations of all sizes and across industries. We are committed to ending this period of disengagement. This commitment has allowed us to not only create a tool that measures engagement, but that actually is engagement. But, how have we done it? By activating authentic Employee Voice.

How to Activate Authentic Employee Voice

Employee voice is central to employee experience, annual feedback cycles, and change initiativesAuthentic Employee Voice is captured through a fluid feedback system, and both employees and employers are reaping the benefits. Employee Voice must be central to employee experience, change initiatives, and feedback cycles, but is often underutilized in all three of these contexts.

How to Measure Success

From our perspective, increased engagement isn’t just about a more positive professional experience for employees. Evolved engagement impacts the entire organization and leads to diverse bottom lines wins.   Tweet This! From increased retention due to new training programs, to inclusive C-suite decision making, to smooth change initiatives, we’re amidst an exciting time for progress in engagement. We are still collecting new strong use-cases of all of the ways that elevated Employee Voice makes a difference. 

Is your organization is ready for a full engagement strategy redesign? Or, do you want a more subtle shift towards improvement? Either way, Wagglers like Adam would be happy to discuss where your organization can benefit from elevating authentic Employee Voice!

Want to watch Adam’s full 30-minute webinar? Take a look here.