How does culture influence performance?

This year at Waggl Harvest, we looked forward to welcoming progressive leaders from around the globe to join with us as we learned from thought leaders. One of these leaders who we are lucky to partner with is Dan Denison from Denison Consulting.

The Denison approach is based on years of research on how culture influences the performance of an organization. Understanding the four most important traits of successful organizations is critical for high-performance and resilience.

The Denison model explores these four key areas:

  • Mission: Do Organizations Know Where They are Going?
  • Adaptability: Do They Know How to Respond to the Marketplace?
  • Involvement: Do Organizations Know How to Engage Their People?
  • Consistency: Do they Know How to Build an Organization Based on Strong Core Values?

Waggl and Denison consulting share a core value that is important to our solutions for businesses. Crowdsourcing platforms like Waggl allow for unstructured feedback that is a key component of being inclusive within your organization.

Watch this Video from Dan Denison for more information, and get in touch to learn about how the Waggl/Denison partnership is the ideal choice to help create a high-performing, resilient organization.