Lessons from ‘Influence Without Authority’

Distinguished Professor of Global Leadership Allan Cohen joins us for our December webinar.

As a leader, you must find the ideal balance that allows you to influence those not directly under your authority effectively. Organizations are flattening, and outside contractors are taking on larger roles than ever before—getting results now means lateral cooperation, often across borders, time zones, organizations, and more.

Babson Professor Allan Cohen and Stanford Professor David L. Bradford co-wrote Influence Without Authority. The book has been a guide for leaders for years, and the third edition was just released. It provides a proven model for success in our current business climate with expert guidance for real-world application.

In this webinar, Allan will introduce the concept of the Exchange Model, in which you get what you need by offering something of value in return. The key lies in knowing what the other person values—that’s their “currency,” and it’s your immediate tool for coaxing their cooperation.

Our workforce is increasingly dynamic and geographically dispersed so the importance of understanding what motivates your colleagues can present a challenge. Allan will address these challenges with a focus on virtual team collaboration and relationship building.

Allan Cohen is a leading consultant on organizational change and leadership. He helped found the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad. He has also lived and worked in the Philippines, England, and Holland and has consulted in China, Brazil, Venezuela, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Singapore, and Dubai.

Take a step towards organizational resilience with this insightful webinar.

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