3 ways to cultivate a culture of thanks

As the United States Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we have been contemplating the role gratitude plays in our lives. Gratitude has received a slew of attention in the personal development space, but gratitude and appreciation also have a unique role in the workplace.

In a recent post, Appreciation Rises to the Top for Employee Satisfaction, we explored the extent to which appreciation is valued by employees when they reflect on their satisfaction at work. It is the top-ranked factor impacting employee satisfaction, but how can your organization create a culture of appreciation and gratitude? Or, if you’re already singing one another’s praises, how can you foster this behavior as your organization grows, environments change, and your workforce morphs?

Celebrate others in the moment

Don’t save it for one-on-ones, annual reviews, or departure emails. When we recognize others in real time, whether they are employees, colleagues, managers, customers or vendors, they feel the authenticity of our gratitude. It’s helpful to know exactly which behavior or accomplishment had an impact on someone else, and it encourages a dialogue that will continue to build relationships.

Provide a system that allows even the quietest voices to be heard

Some bemoan the impact technology has had in limiting human contact and connection in the workplace. However, in our growing organizations and more geographically dispersed workforce, adopting the right tools to keep people connected, heard, and valued is paramount. Even in organizations where all employees work side-by-side, providing tools like employee engagement platforms allow for those who may not speak up in person to still have their voices heard.

Adapt your approach

Creating a culture of gratitude isn’t about imposing daily thankfulness huddles on teams and individuals who don’t respond positively to such practices. Everyone’s receptivity to giving and receiving praise varies. People are different, so organizations should provide avenues for gratitude that allow all employees the chance to give and receive feedback in the way most comfortable for them. Tools, policies, and expectations can and should adapt around our most important assets – our people.

For those in the United States who are spending this Thanksgiving sitting down and sharing thanks with family or friends, think about using the momentum of giving thanks and apply it to your professional life. You can contribute to building a culture of gratitude in your organization and we are here to give you the tools and magnify your thanks in this venture! Get in touch to learn more about Waggl, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!